Monday, April 13, 2009

Student Art - Sharons Funky Owl

I should have posted this a long while ago. There's a nice story attached to this one, that just proves that you can come up with a design from some pretty neat objects. My student, Sharon, found an old copper planter at an auction she went to and purchased. The exterior of the copper planter had this embossed image on the exterior, which she thought was interesting. So she made a rubbing of it and brought it to the shop. She wondered if she could make a stained glass design from it. "Why not?" I said. And so we did. I think it turned out very well and she now has this piece proudly hanging at home!

Way to go with creativity Sharon!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dragonfly Software/Glass Eye "Design of the Month"

Hello All,

I just can't believe it, but a design that I created and manufactured (Porsche 911) for a client was selected as Dragonfly Software's "Design of the Month". Dragonfly Software created a wonderful program called Glass Eye 2000. Glass Eye 2000 is the software that I now create many of my designs with. It's functionality is amazing, it's a very quick to learn program and has enhanced my ability to design, make changes, email designs to clients, etc. As you can tell, I just love it and feel that it's given my creativity wings! If you are interested in viewing the write up, just go to WWW.DFLY.COM and double click the blue button "Design of the Month".
BTW, when you visit their site you may also download a free trial of Glass Eye so that you may try it for yourself. I can't say enough positive things about how much fun it is to use!
My design should be the focal design for the month of April and then will be seen on their site as a past design, as they keep them on for an indefinite period of time.
I am so pleased and excited that they felt that my design was worthy of this honor!
Thanks for listening!