Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And Patterns I've Recently Created

Today is a snow day for us, so I've put my time to good use creating a couple of commissioned patterns.  Kevin Thornhill and I share a website (that he so graciously created) to sell our patterns.  If you haven't taken a look at it, there are a wealth of patterns there, and we are always excited and eager to create something upon request.  The site is called: and you may also find us on Facebook at The Glass Pattern Source!
This lovely little Pit Bull girl is on our site and was a pattern request. 

Cardinal suncatcher

Male and Female Cardinal created upon request

Flaming June, a commissioned pattern.

Also a commissioned pattern 

Commissioned by the same person as the above two patterns

A lovely Tennesse Walking Horse pleasure competitor

Scales of Justice, also a pattern request

A pattern request, the finished project will be a fundraiser for St. Baldrick's in MD.

Suka,, currently a commission I am working on.

Victorian Lady Reading

More Finished Work!

Every time I think that I don't get anything accomplished..I should really come out and take a look at my own blog.  Somehow it all gets done..not sure how yet, but somehow it does.

These top four bevels (unfinished edge at this time) were done for a friend that does a fabulous job running a group that saves horses from the slaughter pipeline called Mainely Gaiters.  Please see their Facebook page if you are interested in helping to save/maintain horses that would have otherwise ended up on a slaughter truck.

Fuzzy poodle dog

Appaloosa Jumper

Dogwood for a favorite cousin

Dragonfly panel, this is a plated project with a dangling quartz healing stone for a wonderful animal massage thereapist.

A commission for Christmas 2013 for a customer.

This was a commission from my UPS man for his wife for Christmas, this panel was only 6" high by 10" wide and he used it as a center attention grabber for a piece of furniture he made for his wife. She loved it!

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog..the time is now!

Lots of projects have been completed at Pisces Glass Works (although how with my regular work schedule..I'm not sure :) But I will post some of the latest projects and some of the patterns I've designed recently. If you are a glass artist looking for some rather neat projects I would recommend that you check out our site If you don't see it there, please feel free to ask, we love creating patterns on request!
Maggie - from a photo to a finished 14" panel
This is Miss Brandie, also commissioned as a gift for her owner.
My customer had this original (to her house) window and wanted it to match fabric she already had in her dining room.  She loved it!
The Damselfly panel was completed long ago, but during a move several pieces were broken, it's repaired now!
A custom Wedding Invitation frame a customer gave as a gift.
These etchings are on 4" x 6" beveled glass with ladder chain as the finished frame, these were donated to an American Saddlebred Rescue Organization.   My pleasure!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inland Corporations Featured Artist

I couldn't be more excited or surprised to find out this morning that my panel "Katahdin Spring" was chosen as Inland's featured artist. Thank you Inland Corp. Inland is one of the largest manufacturers of stained glass tools and grinders. I came upon it quite by accident, but I'm extremely pleased.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cattails Pattern Completed!

This panel is 20" in diameter, and I used Youghiogheny, Wissmach and Spectrum glass in it. I love how the Baroque glass used in the river looks. This panel almost didn't make it as I had quite a calamity in my shop, due to a highly curious small child. But I picked up the pieces so to speak and moved on with the project. Lucky for me I still had enough of the glass I'd intended to use for this project left. I think it turned out pretty well all things considered.
This panel will be a gift for a friend whose birthday is coming up and also was my dog sitter for an extended vacation. Believe me, it was definitely earned.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Etching Bevels

Occasionally it's fun to etch an image onto glass, this can be done as a stand alone ornament (as shown here) or it can also be used in a stained glass panel simply by foiling or leading around the etching and adding to a stained glass design.

Etching is fairly simple. You can use a photograph, as shown, or simply draw your design freehand. Even with a photograph you will find that while it's helpful for outlining your subject and placement of features, the underlying photo will be consistantly covered with glass dust. With that being said, it's often easier for me to use the photo as a guide for creating the initial sketch, but performing the details of the piece freehand. You will also want to work with a dark piece of fabric, a piece of dark construction paper or other dark material under the piece of glass so that you may easily be able to see what you are drawing.

A few safety concerns, you will want to use a dust mask while working with etching, particularly if you will be using an electric etching tool. Some people have devised methods of a water drip or dust collectors to remove the glass particles from the work areas.

I use a Dremel tool with a flex shaft attachment to etch with. Google for more information regarding the attachments and supplies you can purchase. There are a variety of tools that will do the job, from hand scribes to dental drills. It's another interesting and fun way to dabble with glass. So grab a piece of glass and etch never know it could be habit forming!

One good site to learn more about etching is this one:

Ms. Pyke creates very outstanding art on glass and her site holds a wealth of knowledge. She may also be found on Facebook.