Monday, July 20, 2009

Artisans of Glass Retail Site is LIVE

Live at 5! LOL. The Artisans of Glass forum is very proud to present a retail site to promote their members very delightful and well made art glass products and patterns available for sale.

This effort was made possible by our illustrious leader Kev. He's always looking for ways to promote the members of his site and he's hit the money with this one.

It is a new venue, so at this time there is limited content there, but we're definitely hoping that it will grow by leaps and bounds.

Please visit when you get the opportunity. It is easy to make purchase on this site, each member can opt to add a Paypal button to their site which will take you directly to Paypal for purchase and contact with the buyer of your choice! Other arrangements can likewise be made with each Seller just by emailing the seller directly!

We hope that this retail site will contain some very high quality art that you will be proud to have in your home! And don't forget to leave us a comment to give us some feedback!

See it at:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Interlocking Star Finished

LOL, this was a pattern that was a free use pattern which may be found at this link:
This is a fun and easy project to do and looks great no matter what colors you choose to make it in.
In fact, it was so much fun that many of the talented folks on Artisans Of Glass have made these and posted a special thread containing all the beautiful Interlocking Stars that they've created. So if you're interested in glass and seeing all of the beautiful work that has been posted there you may find Artisans at the following link as well:
Hope to see you there!

Tree Frog

This cute little frog is one of my favorites..and may become a gift for someone I know that has a fondness for these little guys...I'll be sure to post the finished panel. This will be the next one I work on I think.

With Love from Maine

Here are some patterns I worked up on Glass Eye that are reminiscent of sights that you might see if you came to visit the State of Maine. There may be a few more I'd like to get accomplished and I'll be sure to post them when they are done. It was my aim to do another book of just patterns relating to New England.