Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowstorm Creativity

Snowstorm Creativity

We've just had a good sized snowfall over the last day or so, and since I'm really not too fond of cold temperatures I found other better ways to spend my time. Those of you who are real died in the wool horse types may like these.
I must admit that now that I've gotten started I feel that I may be headed to putting together another book...not that it will be a best seller or anything...but it will be fun to do!

I've never felt that there were realistic enough patterns out there to satisfy me. Being a life long (or nearly) horse person I was always looking for specific breeds, a horse was not just a horse...four legs and a tail. I wanted certain characteristics. So I decided that perhaps I should take the task on of seeing how realistic I could get with glass, that wasn't an un-doable project.

I hope I'm getting there, but you guys can leave comments and let me know how I'm doing.

That being said..I would prefer that no one copy these designs...or contact me if you have interest in that pattern.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Current Student Art at PGW's

This nice piece is appropriate, since we live in Maine and are surrounded by towering Pine Trees! Sharon has been a student at PGW's for about 2 years and she has just created some fabulous art glass pieces, three dimensional items and some very originally designed artworks. I've been very pleased with her progress and she's done extremely well in this artform she didn't know much about in the beginning!

This piece will be edge finished with narrow pieces of Rainwater (a Spectrum glass) followed by an outer edge of a Rainforest glass of nice greens, browns and whites (also a Spectrum glass). It's going to be just beautiful when it's complete!

Happy New Year! And what's happening in the shop now.

I'm hoping that everyone will have a prosperous, healthy and Happy New 2009! After all we've got to look forward with hope that things can always improve!

Now that the holidays are past us I'm going to go back to working on a project that I designed of a dressage horse I took a picture of in Florida at a beautiful facility called White Fences! It is Dressage horse central! Loved my visit there and really enjoyed meeting the people and watching the Dressage show. I just couldn't wait to come home and try my hand and recreating the photo using Glass Eye 2000. Watch out..addiction central is GE.

It is my hope that you enjoy seeing it...I'll be sure to post the finished product!


Christmas Elf hard at work!

Christmas was upon me when a couple of people I know suggested that as long as they'd known me I had not made them a gift out of stained glass...well, I took that on as a challenge and began, at a very late date I might add, putting together some gifts for some of my favorite people. And favorite people at work that have to put up with me on a daily to sweeten them up right?

Hope you enjoy seeing the boxes and initials that I made! Hugs, Denise