Saturday, January 22, 2011

Latest Finished Project ~ TailGate Sign

I recently finished a panel for a local business that was a copy of their logo. The sign is TailGate, which is a restaurant/pub located not far from my shop. It was going to be hung in a fairly dark environment so I felt it would be best to make it into a lit shadowbox. The shadowbox would better display the stained glass.

The box is made of 3"x 1" pine, with supports just inside the front to hold the glass in place. The glass is held in place in the front with clear plastic cabinet clips placed at or very near the solder joints. There is an 31" LED light installed in the top of the shadowbox to illuminate the panel. It's always a good idea when building a panel that is intended to be placed in a shadowbox to use an opal type glass around the outside edges of the glass at least. In this case the entire project was made with opal glass. This way you will not be able to easily view the light source.

I made a hinged back to go on this box so that the owner would easily be able to access the interior of the shadowbox to change the light source out. I also painted the interior of the box white to further diffuse the light.

I hope you enjoy seeing this latest project! Denise

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