Friday, September 19, 2008

A Nice Compliment

As I posted in the previous blog, I have a piece I designed called "Dante" on display at the Skyline Farm Art Sale and Show. It will be on display there for one month. It is there for display only as I've donated a Gift Certificate to help raise money to keep the farm as a free space and open to our community.

"Yesterday I received an email from the President of Skyline Farm letting me know that one of the artists liked my work...this is her email!

Yesterday one of our best artists, Beth Carlson, came to view the exhibit,
because she couldn't make it to the opening. She stopped at your stained
glass piece and looked at the photo and said what a wonderful job you had
done! I thought it would mean a lot coming from another artist.

Actually I think your high bid so far is from an artist :-)"

Congratulations (and thank you),

Needless to say I was thrilled, as Ms. Carlson is a well known artist in horse and dog circles, has had her paintings published as cover art for national horse and dog magazines and several of her paintings are now owned by the American Kennel Club Museum and The National Bird Dog Museum. If you'd like to learn more about Beth please click on the link in the previous post for Skyline Farm.

I was definitely doing the happy dance after reading this email!

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