Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Finished Work!

Every time I think that I don't get anything accomplished..I should really come out and take a look at my own blog.  Somehow it all gets done..not sure how yet, but somehow it does.

These top four bevels (unfinished edge at this time) were done for a friend that does a fabulous job running a group that saves horses from the slaughter pipeline called Mainely Gaiters.  Please see their Facebook page if you are interested in helping to save/maintain horses that would have otherwise ended up on a slaughter truck.

Fuzzy poodle dog

Appaloosa Jumper

Dogwood for a favorite cousin

Dragonfly panel, this is a plated project with a dangling quartz healing stone for a wonderful animal massage thereapist.

A commission for Christmas 2013 for a customer.

This was a commission from my UPS man for his wife for Christmas, this panel was only 6" high by 10" wide and he used it as a center attention grabber for a piece of furniture he made for his wife. She loved it!

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