Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog..the time is now!

Lots of projects have been completed at Pisces Glass Works (although how with my regular work schedule..I'm not sure :) But I will post some of the latest projects and some of the patterns I've designed recently. If you are a glass artist looking for some rather neat projects I would recommend that you check out our site If you don't see it there, please feel free to ask, we love creating patterns on request!
Maggie - from a photo to a finished 14" panel
This is Miss Brandie, also commissioned as a gift for her owner.
My customer had this original (to her house) window and wanted it to match fabric she already had in her dining room.  She loved it!
The Damselfly panel was completed long ago, but during a move several pieces were broken, it's repaired now!
A custom Wedding Invitation frame a customer gave as a gift.
These etchings are on 4" x 6" beveled glass with ladder chain as the finished frame, these were donated to an American Saddlebred Rescue Organization.   My pleasure!

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