Saturday, April 24, 2010

Plating ~ How to

I'll post a few pics here of the process of plating a piece of stained glass. Mind you that my plating involved reflection of mountains in water and the sun, and leaves on the birch tree. And also I'll qualify this by telling you that I don't do plating all that often, in fact, this is probably the first, but definitely not the last panel I'll plate.

I will give you this tip, when plating finish your panel completely, apply patina, clean and polish PRIOR to adding your plating. You will not be able to clean between the pieces of plating and the panel after it's put together. And many artists that use plating frequently will tell you that all edges of the plating need to be soldered so that nothing can creep under the plating..dust, etc. This I did not do on this panel as there was nothing to solder to the 3/4ths of the sun and also a portion of the water was not solderable.

I'll let the photo's speak for themselves, but am always open to questions.

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